What nights are barefoot bowls?

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Barefoot bowls is a name – playing bowls in REAL LAWN and the feeling of the grass under your feet is nice.

The best footwear for the REAL LAWN is bare feet or thongs.  Barefoot bowls can be played any night Tuesday to Sunday but we are trying to get people down Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The more people the better the atmosphere.

Even though we have Scroungers on Wednesdays, you can come down and play Barefoot bowls with friends and NOT join in the competition.

Want to play during the day?  On weekends, just email us or phone Roz on 0417979587. Let us know how many people and we’ll open the bar – minimum 10 people.  Same during the week, but if the function is for Team Building, let’s talk some more to get those teams building………  we have some great ideas.