Contact Details:

Location: 77 Church Road, Dampier WA 6713
Mail to:  PO Box 691, Karratha 6714
Phone: 91831230 (not always manned – please email us to ensure a quick response to your query)
ABN: 59 758 159728

Our Committee since the 2020 AGM:


Chairperson  Jason Leitch  
Vice President  Peter Adshead  
Secretary  Carole Luca  
Treasurer  Roslyn Powell (Roz) 0417979587 – Enquiries,   sponsorship, Functions
Committee Position  Luke Malone  
Committee Position  Vanessa Archer  
Committee Position  Mark Hunter  
Committee Position  John Caligarri   
 Committee Position  Greg King (Hacka)

Sub-Committee positions:

Match Captain John Caligarri  Match Captain

Our Staff there to look after you:

Senior Bar Manager Vanessa Archer  
Approved Managers Roz Powell, Vanessa Archer  
Green Keeper Greg Matthews (Roady)  Part Time

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