Our weekly schedule:  (you are welcome to play any night of the week, except Monday, but please let us know if you are coming down and don’t know how to play so we can organise some FREE tuition).
If you would like to come down earlier, PLEASE JUST ASK
Dampier Chinese (<<click here for Dampier Chinese info) and our clubrooms are open from 5:30 ach night and close when the last person leaves or midnight. 

Our latest newsletter –newsletter 17

Monday – closed all day
Tuesday – no organised bowling but green is open
WednesdayScroungers/ barefoot bowls come along and win cash and you don’t have to know how to bowl  – FREE lessons 6 – 6:30pm. Games start 6:45pm and to until about 8:30. prize for winner, second and last!. GREAT MUSIC. Don’t want the competition, then just come down and play barefoot bowls in your own group.
Thursday  – no organised bowling but green is open
Friday  – no organised bowling but green is open
Saturday – no organised bowling but green is open
Sunday   Beautiful on the green on a Sunday afternoon. Give us a call if you would like to bring a group bowling so we can put on additional staff and provide FREE lessons.

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  1. GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE CLUB – why not purchase a membership for a family member or friend. Along with this, they will also be entitled to free bowling lessons.
  2. Scrounger Bowls – WIN CASH – Wednesday nights –  come along and join in the fun!  If you have a small or large group and would like to come down on a different night, please give us a call
  3.  TEAM-BUILDING DAYS – Looking for something new to do when you all go back to work in 2019. Why not have a team building day at the Dampier Bowling Club.  Fun on the green, great opportunity for interaction between work colleagues and we can even organise a mini comp for you. Enquiries to Roz Powell 0417979587
  4. Our latest sponsors – McMahon Services (new), and back again JWMS Marine, Argonaut, Cherratta Lodge/Homestead Cafe,   Home Hardware Karratha,  Norwest Tree Services, Jupps, Jolly Good Autos, Asset Protect, Norwest Communications, Trasan Contracting, Allround Plumbing, Galvins Plumbing supplies – thanks heaps for your support!
  5.  NEW 2018 MEMBERSHIP RATES –  (when current memberships expire) – see below:

Membership_Application_Form_2017 – Print this or go to the Membership page and register online.

Ordinary Member –($100)  are entitled to use the facilities of the Club, to represent the Club in competitions of any description, to compete for Club championships, to become Office Bearers / Committee members and to attend and vote at general meetings on all matters affecting the Club. Note: If husband and wife both wish to play then it will be $100 each. If one needs to be social, the you will need 1 x Ordinary membership and 1 x Associate Single. Children under 18 years are included free of charge.

Associate family Member ($30) – Membership will consist of both two (2) full adult members, and any school aged children in their family; or single parent families and any school aged children in their family. Members will have the option of either paying the family membership fee or the appropriate fees in the case of single parent families.

Associate single Member ($20) – means a person who has been accepted for Social Membership of the Club. Social Members are only entitled to use the facilities of the club. They are not entitled to represent the club in competitions of any descriptions, to compete for club championships or to become office bearers/committee members (unless “Open”). They may attend general meeting but are not entitled to vote on any matter affecting the club.

Senior(10% discount on Ordinary or Associate membership) –  means a person who has been accepted for Membership of the Club as per the other membership classes.

Junior Member –  ($10) means a person who is less than eighteen years of age and has been accepted for Junior Membership of the Club. Junior members are entitled to use the facilities of the Club, to represent the Club in competitions of any description and to compete for Club championships. They are not entitled to become Office Bearers / Committee members. They may attend general meetings but are not entitled to vote on any matter affecting the Club. Once they turn 18 they will be required to upgrade to full membership to pay competitive bowls.

Country Member($0) A person over the age of eighteen (18) years, who upon election shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club and subject to the following conditions. Country Members’ normal place of residence is not less than 25kms from the Club by the shortest route. Proof of residence to be provided. A Country member shall have no voice in the management of the Club and shall not be entitled to hold office, vote any poll of the club, propose or second any class of membership but, shall in all other respects conform to and be bound by this constitution and any by-laws of the Club for the time being in force. Country members shall not participate in pennant matches or club championships.


3 thoughts on “Home

    Geoffrey Saunders said:
    October 30, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Hello Dampier Bowls (Ros is it ?)
    My name is Geoff Saunders I am a Dampier local and would like to have our Rio crew Xmas do at the bowls one evening. Several are fifo so only available on set days.
    We were hoping Sat 9th December we could do this from 4pm till 10pm. There are approx 16 of us. We would obviously love to support my local for food and drinks, a bit of a heads up that it is privately held and funded not a company doo, so nothing too fancey will be expected.
    Would someone be able to get back to me as soon as possible so I can start to make suitable arrangements.
    I very much appreciate the opportunity to have something local.
    Cheers Geoff

    Roz Powell responded:
    October 30, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    I have another function on 9th dec for Masdon Halliday (RIO) who are having chinese outside in our bain maries and he has 34 adults and 15 children. You may be able to come on the same night but I would need to check with him first.
    Would that suit?

    Please reply to dampierbowlingclub@gmail.com thanks

    Roz Powell responded:
    November 1, 2017 at 8:03 am

    please phone me on 0417979587 re function thanks – Roz

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